There are many old adages referring to investments in the summertime. "Sell in May, and get away", "Summer Doldrums", "Never invest between July and Labor Day." All of these have some historical data behind them, mostly it goes back to the earlier investors that would vacation in the summer, and not be able to react to the volatility of the summer markets. In today's world you can make your trades from an outhouse in the middle of BFE.

If you read part 1 of the series, you will know that I spoke about recurring reinvestments, this even applies to the summer, especially in crypto. In my opinion, we will see some great investment points this summer, and the ramp up toward the end of summer. Even if you are in this for the relative short term the current range for BTC is an excellent chance to get in on that end of year payday. If we see BTC get even half of the run up from last Sept 27 - Dec 17, we are talking about BTC in the 18,000 range (based on percentage of bull run). There is always the chance for a repeat of the 450%  increase, or for the market to stay stagnant, in either case, you are still holding an instrument of wealth.

As a side note, I have nothing against trying to make some money by day trading. There are definitely lots of chances to hop in and out of various positions, especially in the other coins. My only advice is don't use your wealth building capital or instruments to wade into the day trading markets.  Use a completely different pool of money for it, your portfolio and wallet will thank you in the long run.

Just a quick one today, remember to keep emotion out of it, and to always base your investments on research and cold hard numbers.

I wish you well,