Owning a HUGE server is costly, noisy, and even downright timeconsuming. Thats why today we are gonna look into C4Labs Bramble Box Case.

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This case includes: -

  1. Shelves to mount & slide into the case for easy access. (Ok, not so easy, but its pretty!)
  2. 2 50mm 5v 2pin Fans for optimal cooling.
  3. Instruction Booklet. (Dont follow it, Watch their Founder put one together here.)(They forgot about gravity.)
  4. 3 Spare Heat Sinks included for each Raspberry Pi3, 3B+, boards that can be added.

Now we are going to show you a some comparisons, and what this "could" be used for.


As you can see, We don't have a 4th Pi, but with the custom backplate, it makes the enclosure just another vent hole. Yes, we plan to add another one but at the time of this article, we do NOT have a 4th. Reason?... I'm a cheap guy, this whole project was funded by the Community. Thank you everyone who helped, including C4Labs when one of the 50mm fans decided to not work, and 3 screws didn't fit. BUT I contacted them, via Amazon and they kindly sent a replacement to make sure EVERYTHING is working to the proper standard of the case.

Raspberry Pi's are mounted via a Acrylic Plate. 4 screw posts with thumb twistable nuts hold the Raspberry Pi's into place. They have easy to lock notches on the side that lock the plate securely into the Cluster Case.

They have included some aluminum heatsinks (9 total for 3 chips per Pi) for ALL 3 chips that are located on the Boards. We used a American Penny to compare how small these parts are in person.

We will now show you some pictures of the Case to include vents, I/O access, and HDD locking mechanism.

Side Vents:

Hard Drive (Pi Drive) Locking Mechanism:

Shown attached to Case:

The 2 50mm 5volt 2-pin fans: - connected via pins 4 & 6

Summary of Cluster Pi's:

Clustering Raspberry Pi's has been around for years. It mainly used for computing hard math problems in a smaller amount of time; Similar to a Super-Computer, just a fraction of the price! Others use it for Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, even basic Web/PHP servers also. Many Universities use Pi Clusters for demonstrating how a load can be balanced and distributed to all the devices; to simultaneously work together to get the job done at a very fast rate of speed. Workloads when Clustering even cuts down on webserver bottlenecking due to limit of resources.

My Opinion on the C4Labs Bramble Box Case:

With my 3 Raspberry Pi's, clustered, AND powering the 2 5v 50mm fans? - I love it! It does exactly what the case was designed to do. It was designed to be one of the 1st Pi Cluster Cases to enclose the whole cluster, while still providing INCREDIBLE amounts of airflow. (No seriously, I can put it in front of my face and look like Fabio blowing in the wind!) The Acrylic plates that sit the Pi's all the way to the acrylic ventilation and near silent fans, make this Case definitely a all time favorite. With a added 2.5" SATA to USB, you can even mount a spare laptop HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and set one of the pi's to be a "Database Server" and you have a portable "Cloud" - (Tutorial for another time). Probably the biggest improvement is now my Raspberry Pi's run at 40ºC instead of 68ºC under full load.

But all conclusion, This is probably the most sturdy, well-built cases for a Pi Cluster.

Hats off to you C4Labs!

You can find C4Labs Case's on Amazon and their website:
WEBSITE STORE: https://c4labs.net/
AMAZON STORE: https://amzn.to/2J3vK66