Creating an Affiliate Mining Team

What are affiliates?

Affiliates are miners who register using a sign-up link provided by you and is found in the Affiliate Section of the MinerGate website.  By doing so you will derive a % based on their mining activity and thus form a useful addition to your income.

How do I create my Affiliate Link?

Click the Affiliate Menu to proceed.

You are now in the Affiliate Area,  and have 3 options to create your Link,  Share your Link to Facebook or Twitter.

Click the Link icon to Create/Copy it to the Clipboard and to view Paste(Ctrl v) into the Link Box,  you may store the link in a text file or simply come back to this page and repeat the process.

To post the link directly to your Facebook Profile or Twitter just click the Share Icon and proceed accordingly.

You are now ready to start inviting people to join you at MinerGate and build your income with Affiliates.

Viewing Your Affiliates Mining

Click the Details to Toggle the Viewing of your Team's mining.

Other Options

As well as your link you may post Banner Images with your Link embedded ready to post on websites where permissible.

Marketing Ideas

Where to post your link and build relationships with prospects.  Developing marketing skills is a key part of the Affiliate Team Building requirement and you will find a variety of Marketing websites who provide this.  Some may charge while others offer a free starter pack with ideas to try out.  Search on Google for Lead Generating Info and apply their methods to succeed.

Suggested Sites

This is a simplified guide to getting started and will require applying established marketing techniques to ensure you are going to succeed,  good luck on building your Affiliate Team.