Most of us, sit around and ever so painfully watch as our Mining increments come in on the Pool Dashboard. I know I'm guilty of that. OR watching Market Values rise and fall, hoping for the "BIG GAIN" that never seems to happen.

This is why I personally use Bitsler Crypto Casino as a way to make a quick $5 when all else seems to fail. Keep in mind that GAMBLING is not a promised earning, it is PURE luck, but with a few tips. Can easily make a quick dollar. So lets start this.

Step 1: Signup for Bitsler

Click here, or any Bitsler Link on this page.

Enter your desired Username, and make sure to check the box, "I am at least 18 years old and have read the Terms &

Conditions." to verify that you are of age. Remember Private-Locker is not responsible for ANY losses or profits on Bitsler Crypto Casino.

Step 2: Securing Your Account

Once your account is created, you will need to go-to "Account" and set up your Email Address, and 2FA if you desire. (We recommend it)

Step 3: FREE BTC! No, seriously...

The really cool feature about Bitsler is that it has a "In-House Faucet", more you talk in the chat, bet, and interact with the website. You will eventually level up and gain more per faucet. Here's a small diagram*.

STATUSBADGEFAUCETLIMIT Level 1Junior 0.0000015015 per dayLevel 2Regular⋆0.0000020020 per dayLevel 5Bronze⋆⋆0.0000030025 per dayLevel 10Silver⋆⋆⋆0.0000050030 per dayLevel 20Gold⋆⋆⋆⋆0.0000100035 per dayLevel 30VIPVIP0.0000300050 per dayLevel 50LegendaryLEGEND0.00005000∞ per day

*Rewards are based in Satoshi's for BTC In-house Faucet on their website, we have converted it to BTC for you.

Scroll your mouse over the Bitcoin Icon, and click "FREE BTC".

Complete the Captcha provided to gain the faucet amount. This should be 0.00000150, yes it's not much. But "free game chips" to click a link?... Why not?!

Step 4: Betting Crypto!

Another feature in Bitsler that makes gaining a little extra crypto easier. "Auto-Pilot" Betting! You can set a certain percentage of Win Ratio, how much you plan to bet, all the way to the amount you will receive. In this tutorial we will use a Percentage, a little math, and some time.

We click on "Automated Betting".

We set the amount we are betting to something super low to use this method. Since you have now 0.00000150,  change the 0.00000000 to "0.00000012" and the Chance to "77.33%" and click "Start Pilot Mode".

Step 5: The Waiting Game.... (PROFIT!)

Go take a LONG coffee break, or smoke break in my case. We will check back in a hour... During this time, you can check your miners, change your Theme, check the Chat. - just do NOT let the PC go-to sleep while betting.

(♫Jeopardy Theme Song as the betting continues.♫)

As you see, after 60+ mins, I have more than trippled my Balance.

The rest is up to you.