NET-UP is a Project originally created by REDD of Private-Locker to assess Local Networks by being able to drop a Compromised Shell (Meterpreter Shell) into a Secure Network. NET-UP Framework was created to be able to allow flexibility by using a Native Programming Language of 90% of all Unix Based Systems - Bash. By creating this Framework in Bash allows the simple execution of other language scripts such as Perl, Ruby, PHP, even execute commandline commands in a unified fashion using "Modules". NET-UP also allows the use of MANY scripts to run - OSINT Scripts, Network Monitoring Scripts (MitM Attacks), Packet Capturing, and Basic Security Auditing. NET-UP was also designed to just use One Command to run. Doing so allow easy execution of cronjobs or startup based scripts.

Couple Main Features:

  • One Command runs the whole Script. - Can be used for Cronjobs/and other Scripting.
  • Network-based Startup Script. -- If no Connection on selected INTERFACE, 120 seconds, then restarts device. (Set in a loop with a Cronjob - "netup autostart on" command.)
  • Easy intergration with Existing Bash/Python/Perl/Ruby Scripts. via Modules (Read README.txt inside modules folder.)

What is a NET-UP Module?

A "NET-UP Module" is a basic script format template that gives the Author ability to install, execute, and run Reconnaissance Base Scripts. Most NET-UP modules begin with a "Bash Script" to check for dependencies, then run the appropriate files to execute the desired language script.

Default included NET-UP Modules:

(For More Reference on Modules/Scripts used for NET-UP, Please Check https://github.com/private-locker/modules)

How to Install NET-UP

We at Private-Locker recommend installing using the "Easy Install Script" Method, We will cover that in this article. You will need:

  • a Debian Based System (Unix - such as Ubuntu, Kali, ParrotOS)
  • Root Access (Administrative Access to the Machine)
  • git installed (Project Management Software)

Open up your Shell/Terminal.

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/private-locker/NET-UP/master/install.sh && sudo /bin/bash install.sh

This will download the Install Script (via wget command), into the current directory. Then use a "sudo" command to use Bash to run the Install script as Root.

Once complete, You will be able to type "netup" anywhere in the system to execute NET-UP anytime. Congratulations, you have successfully installed NET-UP.

NET-UP Help Syntax:

Syntax: ./netup
        ./netup [option] [module]/[on/off]

    ./netup help                    - This help screen displayed.
    ./netup update                  - Updates entire NET-UP & Modules with Public Repo.
    ./netup interface               - Automattically sets INTERFACE Variable.
    ./netup enablemods              - Enables all Modules in the Modules Folder.
    ./netup disablemods             - Disables all Modules in the Modules Folder.
    ./netup updatemods              - Syncs all Modules with Public Repo.
    ./netup autostart [on/off]      - Turns on/off crontab for NET-UP.
    ./netup autoreboot [on/off]     - Turns on/off AUTOREBOOT for NET-UP.
    ./netup autoexit [on/off]       - Turns on/off AUTOEXIT for NET-UP.
    ./netup list                    - Shows all enabled/disabled modules.
    ./netup run [module]            - Runs specific module/script using NET-UP.
    ./netup enable [module]         - Enables Selected module for NET-UP.
    ./netup disable [module]        - Disables Selected module for NET-UP.

We will cover separate "Modules" in other articles. - Such as "Subscan", "PythonBackdoor", and others to come! If you would like to contribute to the "NET-UP Modules", Please fork our GitHub Modules Repo here: https://github.com/private-locker/modules

Template Module from Private-Locker

We have also put together a "Template Module" to encourage the public and other Programming Communities to get involved and let anyone use NET-UP.

In a summary, if you need to run a script depending on Network Connectivity, or needing to Security Audit a Organization; NET-UP has you covered. If you do not find the "module" you're looking for, suggest it to the Community or make it yourself with any desired programming language you wish. NET-UP has the flexibility, and the power to deliver the task needed.

Guide written by: REDD